The creation and development of De Leon Plastics finds its origins amongst a set of entrepreneurs and manufacturers; Mike Hammam and Diego De Leon Sr. Both Mike and Diego have been working in their respective fields for over 40 years.  Mike, a producer of consumer hand tools and machine parts and Diego, a producer vac-form blisters and packaging components.  Their relationship spanned 25 years and was originally that of customer and vendor.  In 2008, both of their sons entered their respective businesses and decided to create their own startup, changing their father’s business relationship.  With a desire to produce a higher value and personalized service within the industry, De Leon Plastics was established on a handshake between Diego De Leon Jr. and Hany Hammam.


With their father’s blessings and guidance, they have created a personalized manufacturing experience.  From a project’s inception to shipment, De Leon Plastics uses multigenerational experience to provide top quality packaging engineering and manufacturing design. With a manufacturing facility less than 20 miles outside of New York City, we are capable of providing prototyping and production in as little as three to fourteen days for any size job, respectively.  Our range of production includes but is not limited to; PET, PVC, HIPS, FLOCK, and PP with a quantity range of 1+.